Rope drop times

What time do you get there for rope drop for early entry at IoA (public time 9am, EE time 8am)? Also, I am thinking of just starting regular entry at USF since we want to hit Despicable Me en route to Diagon Alley and I think they open a little early there. What time do those in the know show up to rope drop USF at regular entry time (stated time is 9am)?

So far I’ve only been to WDW, and there we normally show up about 20 minutes before rope drop. I have read of people arriving at UOR parks 30-45 minutes before RD so they can be near the front of the line waiting to go in.

We were there last week. IOA had EE @8. We arrived around 7:40 to get in line and were about 3 groups back. If there are any turnstiles without people in them go to that turnstile. People were lining up 20-30 deep in a single line (in the middle) and the lines that were to the far left and right were empty. They have a person taking tickets at ALL the turn stiles when the park opens. USF did not have EE. We arrived there @ 8: 40 for a 9 opening and were first in an empty line on the far left. When the gates open every single turn stile has an employee there. The gates actually opened about 10 minutes before “opening time” and you can go into the park. When we were there, the early entry at IOA only lets you go to Hogsmeade and do the Harry Potter stuff.