Rope Drop Slinky - TP shows 71 Min Wait

I plan to rope drop Slinky - I will be at the front of the crowd arriving 1 hour before opening. Why is TP showing 71 min for the first ride of the day?

Because it doesn’t know you’ll be at the front of the crowd. You could make a fake FP for your plan and that will change the time, assuming you can get the system to use the FP. You might have to massage the fake FP times a bit to make it happen.

This is how I did it. My 9am FP for SDD was fake, but it changed the wait time to something accurate:


The above works. I’ve also left my RD ride off my plan and then started my plan 20/30 minutes after opening. That worked for me on my last trip. I just hit evaluate after getting off of the headliner and that updated the time for me.

Wild stab here, but does DHS have EMH that morning? If it does, and you enter at “regular” opening time, I could easily see a 70 min wait…