Rope drop plan

We did not get a FP for Slinky Dog. I have one for Toy Story Mania, so my plan was to head to SD at rope drop. My son wants to do Jedi Training (first time) so where do I head first?

SDD. No question.

When is your trip? If you’re going during EEMH, JTA signups aren’t even open at 6am.

November there are no EMH the day we are visiting HS

Still SDD unless you want a 90 min wait, but the earliest couple of JTA shows may not be available when you get to signups.

And you’ll want to be at HS by 8am at the latest, earlier if you can.

I was kind of hoping for a later JTA show honestly. Do they let you pick from what is available? I did a Touring Plan and I put it in the second part of our day. I was just hoping he wouldn’t lose out on doing it if we hit SDD first.

Yes you can pick from what is available.

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