Rope drop parking

If I’m looking to get to Disneyland Park for rope drop (like front of the line rope drop) what parking lot should I go to and what time should I plan to get to the parking lot? Is it usually a mad house around that time in the parking areas or pretty relaxed? I should mention I already purchased the standard parking pass from the Disney website. Thanks for the help!

Might try asking over on Lines chat-

Thanks I’ll give it a shot!

Just saw this - if you go to chat, make sure you use the Disneyland Lines app, not WDW.

Both parking lots have their pros and cons, but I would recommend Mickey & Friends because its operating hours are more predictable and reliable. But Toy Story Lot is often easier / faster.

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They’re also doing security at the Toy Story lot and hold Harbor security until the first Toy Story bus arrives. It’s not a bad option, especially with the trams not running to the garages.


My sister is at DL today. She arrived at Mickey & Friends at 7:30am for an 8am opening. There was no line to get into the structure. After walking to the park, getting through security, etc., they entered the turnstiles right after 8am. So they just missed rope drop.

I would recommend arriving at 7-7:15am on a normal day if you want to rope drop. Earlier on a weekend or holiday.


This is excellent, thank you! Hope your sister enjoyed herself today…

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She is! And if I may toot my own horn, partially thanks to me. I woke up at 7am to get her a BG for RotR. I got BG 10! :slight_smile:


You’re helping everyone today!