Rope Drop Needed for 1 or 2 Crowd level days?

We are leaving on Saturday 9/12 for our Disney trip. I’ve been lots of times in the past, but this is my first trip trying to use the TPs. Crowds are expected to be low often 1s and 2s. The site says you should get to the parks as much as an hour before official opening time. I can see the point of this on a busy day, but not sure how necessary it is for these low crowd days. Any advice from other who have traveled at less busy times? Thanks! :smile:

Even on low days, we arrive 30-45 minutes early because the amount that can be done within the first few hours is awesome.

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Thanks! I’m trying to figure out what times we have to try to get up in the morning, and trying to balance rope drops with making sure I get enough sleep so I don’t melt down. :slight_smile: 30 minutes early seems much more do-able than a full hour before.

If you are going in within the next few weeks, which I’ll assume you are since you’re talking 1s and 2s, go early take an afternoon pool break, come back in the evening. September is hot.

We just returned from Disney and found that the parks open at 8:45 each morning. (The Welcome show at MK was at 8:40.) A half hour should be fine - just make sure you take into account waiting for your bus to show up. We almost missed the welcome show because the first bus was full.

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