Rope Drop @ MK - tips, advice?

I was hoping to tap the hive mind for ROPE DROP tips at Magic Kingdom. I’ll put up other threads for the other parks, but I don’t know the best plan of action for (2) adults at the Rope Drop at MK.

Any of your favorite tips would really help, particularly about rides, as we’re trying to get as much in as we can… so afternoon nap time can be achieved. :wink:

Thank you!
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Hmm. I guess generally you’ll want to show up 45min-1hr before park opening and have a plan.

I typically go straight to an attraction for which I don’t already have a FPP [or maybe I do have a FPP but want to ride twice] and something which I know will have long lines much of the day. Big Thunder, Space, 7DMT, or Peter Pan is generally the first attraction of the day for us.

Peter Pan got the nod last trip because we wanted to see the new interactive que…which can’t be seen with FPP.

You also have to decide if watching the Welcome Show or staying in the front of the pack- especially for 7DMT or Peter Pan- is the priority. The Welcome Show is a must see for us at least once per trip.

Rope Drop for 7DMT is best done when the park opens at 8am as you then won’t have to compete with BOG breakfast peeps.

I don’t get the impression that TouringPlans is that great at picking the attraction that should be first. I’ve been sent first to attractions that made no sense to me. Also, I guess TP can’t know just how aggressively (or not) someone might walk to the first attraction? So, I will generally stick with one of the 4 above, mark it as done after I ride it, reoptimize and go from there…

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I agree with @Sam2071 that you should be at the gate 45 minutes early. If you want to see the Welcome Show make sure you stand back far enough to clearly see the train station. You can make a touring plan to decide your order. I usually head straight to Space- ride it a few times and then head past WtP and PP after - checking wait times to see where I will go. Of course, 7DMT is not my priority. My goal is always to get to Big Thunder before the crowd builds.


I would also venture to say it depends a lot on how much time you have. We like to book longer trips so that we don’t have to bother with rope drop. With FP+ we can schedule for mid morning or even later then get to the park when we want. We tend to wander around and just hop in lines that are reasonably short until your FP’s and then see what’s open for booking more of them. Over the course of several days we’ve seen the stuff we want. I will say though walking 8-15 miles a day we were often too tired for nap time lol.


This is all great info, thank you! :+1::monkey_face::sun_with_face::jack_o_lantern::grinning:

I’m a big fan of Space Mountain, and we would both do BTM, but it’s being refurbished, so boo… lol

I know it’s changed recently, but let’s say I use a FP at 9am. With the new system, can I book a new FP for the one that is used already, and how early can I do that? Do I have to wait until, say, 10am (since a FP was booked for 9am - 10am), or can I do it immediately after the ride?

Many, many thanks!

Presuming you booked 3 FP+ selections, you can only book a 4th after you use the 3rd FP. So if you book a 9-10-11, after tapping at the 2nd FP point for the 11AM ride you could then book another FP.

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You can only book a 4th after using all of your original FP’s. If you only book one then as soon as you check in for the one you booked you can start booking extras. If you book 3 then you have to wait until you check in for your 3rd one.

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That info is golden - thank you @Outer1, and thanks @Damavs too!

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