Rope Drop Hagrid’s and VC

Alright y’all - the Facebook sphere has all kinds of nightmare stories. We have express pass so it makes sense to head for Hagrid’s and VC.

Going tomorrow morning - early entry is 7. Planning on arriving at Royal Pacific just before 6 to check in and get express passes. Tickets will be on phones already.

Sooooo - talk to me about your experiences. I can rope drop like a champ in all the Disney parks, but just don’t know what to expect here.

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Your room key will also be necessary for early entry access so get to RPR as early as possible.
I would aim to be an the gate no later than 6.15.
Even if Hagrid is slightly delayed, the line will still move at a decent pace when it opens as there isn’t an EP line. If it’s heavily delayed, bail and hit VC. Same applies there with the line movement.


Hagrid’s line builds faster/longer because a certain percentage of guests won’t do the big coasters. Definitely head straight to Hagrid’s (through Seuss Landing keeping to the left through the land).



We in the same boat, just about 5 days behind you. Planning on checking in to Royal Pacific 6pm Monday and doing Hagrids first thing the next morning. Please update this post with an tips and tricks! Thanks!

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Y’all - everything worked like a charm. Thanks for the info. @fachbc are you on chat? I posted the play by play there but can copy it over if you aren’t on chat.

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@cjandres sorry I am not on chat. Please copy/paste here. Any tips? Thanks so much!

No worries! Took some screenshots. Hopefully they load in order :slight_smile:



I found this interesting (posting here since it’s the latest discussion of Hagrid’s):

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I think I read (probably on the UOAP Facebook group) that it was 1/2 capacity bc of maintenance on the cars?? So hopefully that’s finished!


Hagrids & Backpacks question.
My wife wants to bring a backpack with water bottles and granola bars etc.
We have early entry and express passes and intend to make a B-Line for Hagrid’s. I know we can’t bring the backpack on the ride.
Are we going to be wasting a lot of time fumbling with a locker while the line grows up ever longer? Is there a spot to leave the bag and collect it when we get off? It’s just water and snacks, so I’m not overly concerned. I just don’t want to waste time.

You’ll be fine - I was stressed about bags with rides where minutes delay can mean a big difference in line time. The lockers are built into the line. So you are already in the queue and just step over to swipe your key and then hop right back in line.

If you have a room key that doubles as your ticket and express pass that’s the easiest to use.