"Rope Drop" Frontierland Early?

Hi all,

Question regarding early mornings at DL. At MK in WDW, we were able to “Rope Drop” Frontierland during the magic mornings ahead of the regular park entry. Basically, the early morning rope was past the regular entry rope, so we were able to be ahead of the regular entry people and thus get to Big Thunder Mountain early. Is it set up the same way at DL; or will the regular entry people be lined up at the same place at the early entry people? Hope that makes sense. Thanks!


Hi Kyle,

I know that usually the rope for regular guests to go to both Frontierland or Fantasyland is held at the halfway point of the hub. If you have early entry then you’ll already be on the other side of that rope but I don’t know if there is a rope at the Frontierland entrance or what the procedure is for early entry guests who want to be poised to enter Frontierland when it opens. However, I will say that a lot less people start at Big Thunder than at any of the other major rides so it’s definitely not a hard one to angle toward at rope drop even if you are with the regular pack. Most people at that rope are going for Peter Pan in Fantasyland and/or Fantasmic FPs in Frontierland next to the Mark Twain Riverboat.

Hope that helps!

Thanks. Very helpful. What about Indiana Jones? Our thought was to RD either big thunder or Indiana Jones after doing the early morning rides. We’ll be switching parks thereafter so no Fantasmic FP needed that day.

Indy will have more people geared up to RD it specifically (and/or grab FPs for it) but there is a separate rope at Adventureland that the regular entry crowd has access to (as the Adventureland entrance is behind the rope in the hub that holds reg entry crowds aiming for both Frontier & Fantasylands). I would start at Big Thunder, then grab a FP for Indy (if you will have MaxPass then you can just do this from your phone). If you will be doing more of the west side of the park, after Big Thunder, I would head back to Splash & work your way back center ending with your Indy FP at the end of the return window before hopping to DCA. If you didn’t want to head all the way back to Splash, you could still do Big Thunder first, grab Indy FP & then do Pirates followed by either Haunted Mansion or Jungle Cruise while waiting for Indy FP window to open. If you’re not adverse to stairs, Tarzan’s Treehouse also offers some great vantage points of the area if you wanted a different attraction than just rides.

Sounds great. Thanks for the tips lolabear!

There is a separate rope for frontier land. We were in the park for Early entry, and I went to get a FP for Fantasmic. I had to wait at a rope, but it wasn’t nearly as packed as other rope drops. I believe regular rope drop was more at the main entrance to the hub. I also was there while the hub was under construction, so I don’t know if that changed the locations of the ropes.

Sounds great; thanks!