Rope drop from Cabana Bay

You’ve never seen me on my way to Hagrid’s in the morning!! :man_running: :dash:

I have literally ran there… not the whole way but in big sprints. I’m not in that good of shape!! I will say I’m in the very small minority of ppl who do it. However, no UOR TM has ever told me to “slow down”… :rofl: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thank you for linking that bag.

I have vowed that this will be the year I make it without needing the paid lockers (the time lost to fumbling with the credit card is just as annoying as the fee itself).

With some pre-planning I think I can make that size work. What dooms me is some hyper-specific dietary needs that necessitate back-up snacks but with some really flat, dense bars it just might work!

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I love these for park days. I can fit a ton of food in them, they fit perfectly into the free lockers, and are great for those who prefer to have something on each shoulder.

Much less civilized these days.


It wasn’t entirely civilised then! We started second at the taps and first in line at the rope and ended up a few hundred people back after being shoved out of the way by many runners.


Lol, it reminded me of the TSMM “walk” back in the day too!