Rope drop for SDD after EMM

Hello, I am wondering if someone can provide me some advice. Would it be better to visit HS on April 6 with no EMM to rope drop SDD. Or to visit HS on April 8 when they have EMM (which I am not attending) and try to rope drop SDD? TP says crowd levels will be a 3 on Saturday April 6 but I was trying to avoid going to one of the parks on a Saturday. Any advice would be much appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

I should mention that I am staying offsite and likely will not be able to get a fastpass for SDD.

If you go on the EMM day, then the non EMM guests are not allowed on SDD until official park opening at 9 am. There is possibility on a non EMM day that they will let guests into TSL a bit before official parking opening–but that’s not a guarantee at all. It’s probably a minimal difference so I think you should pick the day that works best for your schedule. And realize no matter which day you pick you need to be at HS well before the park officially opens if you want to be toward the front of the pack heading to SDD.