Rope Drop for a Non-Resort Guest

This is the first time I am going to try Magic Kingdom as an offsite guest! Not having early entry is freaking me out. Do you think I can do these things before 11 AM without Genie Plus by just rope dropping Adventureland at 9 AM?

  1. Jungle Cruise
  2. Pirates
  3. Big Thunder
  4. Haunted Mansion

Because I’m offsite, I can’t book my ILL until 9 am park opening, so I am planning on booking TRON and 7DMT for the earliest slots available after 2 PM (I have Ohana reservations for 12, so I am leaving the park from 11-2). Based on my review of times available on the app for the past few days, seems like by 9 AM the ILL for 7DMT are booking out past 7 PM!!!

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That part of the park isn’t even open for early entry, so everyone’s basically in the same boat. You’ll be in a better position than the early entry people coming down from Fantasyland, too.

You didn’t say when you’re going, but we were last in the park during the crazy Christmas-New Years week in 2022 and with a 9:30am opening we managed to knock out Jungle Cruise, Pirates, Big Thunder, and Splash Mt. before 11:15am. So you should be fine…


Rope-dropping Adventureland/Frontierland when not using ETPE is a good strategy. Most folks are heading to Fantasyland and Tomorrowland.


Thank you! We are coming Friday May 3rd.

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I think that sounds like the perfect plan.