Rope Drop FEA versus Akershus 8:00 am

Is there any advantage to getting into Epcot early with an 8:00 am Akershus ADR in the hopes of being ahead of the Rope Drop crowd for FEA? We have a daughter (6) who would be interested in both meeting the princesses and doing the FEA ride and we are unable to obtain the fpp for FEA. Trying to figure out the best options.

Using an Akershus ADR at 8am will put you right next to FEA when it opens at 9am so go for it! If she really loves princesses, then you can go to meet Anna and Elsa right after FEA. With this plan, you’ll have met about 6-7 princesses and done FEA in one morning. :grinning:


We did this in October. We were the 2nd party to be seated in Akershus, and had a nice breakfast (although the buffet has somewhat limited options). BUT the princesses didn’t start meeting guests until 8.30! (the CMs told us this is how they do this at Akershus, it wasn’t just a one-time late start) No problem for us, we (DH, DS7 and myself) didn’t care so much about princesses as about being first in line for FEA. We got to meet Belle by the entrance before we were seated, and Cinderella at 8.30. But when Aurora arrived at 8.40, we were headed for the door. She looked very puzzled when we happily waved goodbye to her before she had even reached our table :confused: But we were first in line for FEA and got to be in a viking ship all by ourselves for the experience - it was so worth it for us! :grinning: When we exited about 8.55, the line was already crazy. And so was the line for Anna and Elsa.

I guess I have to add that we had free dining, so the breakfast price was no big issue. Otherwise we may have thought differently about doing things this way.

So it’s not necessarily possible to both meet all the princesses at Akershus AND be in line for FEA before the crowd hits. You may have to choose.Unless the princesses start meeting at 8.00 now - perhaps somebody here has done this recently?

Anybody know if princesses are still meeting at 8:30 or earlier?