Rope Drop, EMH & ADR

I am a newbie. Our first day at MK will be Oct 1 which is an EMH day. We have an ADR for Cinderella’s Royal Table at 9:20. We are staying off site. When will rope drop be? Will they let us in at 8 since we have a ADR or will we have to wait until 9? I was thinking if we could get in at 8 we may try to get to Anna & Elsa before breakfast. Ambitious I know but I am seriously considering. This is all so much! I am trying to be prepared but I am a bit overwhelmed.

If park open is 9am, EMH would be 8am. Rope Drop for you is 9am since you are offsite.

You won’t be let in until 9am since you are offsite. You might get in earlier if they open up a few minutes early. But since your ADR is for after park open, they most likely will make you wait until the park officially opens.

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