Rope drop do or die


We're staying at POFQ, using WDW transportation. MK opens at 9am. What time do you think we should be at the bus stop in order to see the Welcome Show. DH says he will have an epic meltdown if we miss it again!


First bus starts an hour prior right? So maybe 745 just to be safe?


Personally, I'd play it ultra safe and get there at 7:30am.


We always stay at POFQ and leave our room an hour and 15 before the park opens. The 15 gives us a bit of leeway for the "oh, I forgot this." dd's last minute trip to the bathroom or dh stopping to get a drink on the way to the bus. Much to the cringe of Dh we always get there and have to wait for the RD.


We stayed there and did same thing. We got to bus stop at 7:30


We have always arrived at the bus stop one hour before the park opens. (We were told at one point that the buses only start running 1 hr before park opening. Apparently that is incorrect based on other responses.) Regardless, we have always gotten there in plenty of time and are one of the first people to enter the park. This is partially do to my sister (at least in HS). She doesn't help much in the Disney department but she has an eagle eye for short lines and can always find a machine where nobody is lined up.


Can the same be true for early EMH from POFQ?


Yes. The earliest EMH we've done is 7am, Out the door at 6am, no problem.


I try to be at the bus stop about an hour and 15 early, but usually it's closer to 1 hour.


We're hearing that "rope drop" is happening earlier and earlier due to the popularity of Anna and Elsa and 7 Dwarfs Mine Train. Daisy Lauren mentioned it in her blog article Thursday -

I'd get to the bus stop there as early as possible at least 1.5 hours before park open.


I just want to chime in and say that the time of year you visit might make a difference. We visited during very low season - 1st week of February - and left our POR room at 8:10. We ride the bus and had no trouble catching the welcome show. I doubt we'd have seen it if we'd left at that time over Christmas or summer!


Suggest you get to the MK 45min-1hr before opening. So, tack on another 30min or so for the bus and another 15 min buffer time.


Epic meltdowns are no laughing matter. I was the one who would have been in a foul mood once when the #^@&$*!% Pop bus wasn't showing up (we had been standing in line 1 hr 15 mins before RD) and it was about 40 mins till RD and still no bus. DH said something to the effect of "screw it let's get a taxi" because he could sense my mood, and we did just that. It could have been a $50 cab ride, but was worth it to not set a damper on the rest of the day. Aim for the bus on the early side, but if the bus fairies aren't on your side, remember a $20ish cab ride to prevent an "epic meltdown" may be money well spent. AND if you make friends in line, maybe you can find someone to split it smile However, we weren't that smart at the time


We are always at the bus shortly before an hour before park opening. We've never had trouble.


I generally try to be at the bus stop 1.5 hours before RD. I'd generally prefer to be safe and very early than late.


We always catch bus 1 hour before park opening!


How early do the buses actually start running? I thought that it was only 1 hour before park opening.


Is there a particular area at the MK I should aim for to see the opening show and be close to the front of the crowd? Have never done Rope Drop before but will be there extra early for our EMH to meet A&E in October.


It's a trade-off. Your best spot for beating the crowds to wherever you're walking next is in front of the tunnels. The best spot for seeing the show is in front of the center floral. Either way, you're good for getting in lots of attractions if you're there at open. The show is up where the train pulls in.

You should be able to see the difference in wait times by doing a custom plan and checking the difference between 9AM start and 9:10. It's minimal.


the buses arrive one hour b4 rd. we left room each day with an extra 15 min buffer, so scheduled to go to bus stop 7:45, 6:45 if emh. with littles in group, plus forgetful adults, ahem, good to have a buffer. a few times we had forgetful or potty stop stragglers. got to parks with time to spare each day.