Rope drop at Epcot

If we rope drop Epcot (9:00 am open, no EMH, hope to be at the tapstyles by 8:00 am) on Friday 3/8 (CL 6), could we squeeze in a quick visit with Baymax, Joy and Sadness before Soarin’ or will the Soarin’ line be crazy by the time we are done with the characters? Two adults, two teens all able to walk with purpose.

Will the character lines be too long after Soarin’ and Living with the Land? Have a FP for TT 9:15 - 10:15 and I’m afraid the characters, Soarin and Living with the Land will make us miss our TT fast pass.


I’m going to guess no, you can’t do the characters first. I think you’ll want to do Soarin’, then Living with the Land, then Characters. Probably just have to play it by ear and see if you have time after doing Soarin’ and Land.

Also a chance of early morning breakdown on TT giving you an anytime FP and freeing up your morning schedule.

I would definitely do soarin first.

What about trying for Soarin 4th FP so you can start with the characters? We did the M/M/G side of Character Spot at rope drop (although we were at the back of the pack). There weren’t many in front of us, but it’s a slow moving kind of line.

We did FEA and then Joy and Sadness and the line for J&S was about 15-20 minutes. I think if you did Soarin and then J&S, you would be fine. But if you add in Living with the Land, I think you will find a much longer line for J&S.

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Not to distract from the thread, but if you have small kids, watch out so they don’t pull the balls off the walls when you see Joy and Sadness. They come off. If your kid pulls hard enough. Just saying. I heard this somewhere, my 2 year old definitely didn’t do it.


I would do soarin first. Everyone is heading to either soarin or test track. After you get off soarin, head straight to the meet. line shouldnt be that long by then. We rope dropped soarin and was on and off the ride fairly quick.

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So if we’re going straight from rope drop to Joy/Sadness/Baymax, does anybody know what the waits are going to be like? We’re planning to go straight there before using fast passes for Soarin’/FEA.

Shouldn’t be a long wait for the characters straight from RD. I would do J&S first.

TP is showing me on my EPCOT day that it’s better to do the character meet first, then Soarin.

Characters: 5 min wait
Soarin: 25 min wait

If I flip the order, it is

Soarin: 18 min wait
Characters: 21 min wait

Tuesday, March 5 / CL 8

The character meet listed on TP is for Mickey and Friends. Not for J&S or Baymax.

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I would RD Soarin’ and then race to the character meet. We split our group so the boys met Baymax and the girls met Joy and Sadness. Baymax was a touch faster. We waited about 15-20 minutes - no time to do both since we were racing through Epcot that day!

My 2 cents worth… Arriving Epcot at 8am on a 9am open should put you at the very front of the pack. If so, head to Soarin first. You’ll be off very quickly and then head to the M&G. If you arrive a little later and find yourself behind at least half the pack, then do what the TP prediction tells you and head to the M&G first. Just keep in mind if TT is down @ RD, the line for Soarin will increase quickly and most who chose to RD FEA (the 3rd major attraction at RD) will be heading back to Soarin starting around 9:45am.

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i would definitely head to Soarin… tho the wait for the characters can get up to 20 minutes or more, i found the lines moved quickly!! we had two Epcot days in late January… our first day was focused on rides and we popped into the characters to see what the lines looked like… we did get Ralph & Venelope the first day! and it was about mid-day. Because i LOVE Joy & Sadness I RD them our second Epcot day and had to wait about 5 minutes (first one in line but the characters weren’t there yet)… which would put you further behind the pack at Soarin’… we were able to pick up additional Soarin and Test Track FP during our 2nd Epcot day, so really is a personal decision on how you want your day to go! Joy was a top priority for me the 2nd day… everything else we accomplished that day was just bonus! ha!

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