Rope drop animal kingdom

We are planning last minute trip this November 2-6. We did rope drop at animal kingdom last thanksging to ride fop and got there before park opened to get in the line( as lines recommended). What I am wanting to know is if this is still working well? How early
Are people now showing up before the park opens?

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We were there in August. Arrived at 8 for 9am open and did FoP. It probably would have been better to be about 15 mins earlier but we still got everything in that we wanted so it was fine

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I just did AK yesterday and 5 days ago. Followed Brian’s video advice both times.

It worked like a charm. Got both FOP and Navi river done by 9:02am.
Then rode again with my 9:15 FPP

Park schedule was 9:00am and turn stiles opened at around 8:30am

That’s what we did at Thanksgiving, but due to crowds we arrived about an hour before park opening. Brian’s video was great and sounds like it is still working.

I did a similar thing Oct 17. I was also staying at AoA. I took an Uber to the park at 7 am.