Rope Drop and Fast Passes

I’m traveling the end of Sept to celebrate DD 6th birthday. After booking our meals, we will essentially visit the parks with the early magic hours. If we are there for EMH, should we get the fast passes for the rides that typically have a longer wait time (for late morning) or do we try to ride those ride as soon as we’re in the park? Or do you do both in the event that you want to ride them twice?

Guess the question is what rides should I focus on if we are there for EMH?

On our side, we try to focus on rides that have few FP+ availability during the day. These are normally the rides that you don’t want to be stuck doing stand-by after EMH. Our plan is to get those rides done during EMH and/or with your reserved 3 FP+.

For exemple, in MK, if you can ride 7DMT and Peter Pan during EMH and get FP+ for Space Mountain, BTMR and Splash Mountain in the morning, you should be able to get almost anything else (except character meet) as additional FP+ in the afternoon.

If you’re there for EMH, I’d focus on the mountains, maybe a later Haunted Mansion or Mickey Town Square meet.

I love PP and 7DMT, but I don’t want to ride them 3 times a day.

In MK, only Tomorrowland and Fantasyland are open during a.m. EMH. We (adults only, no kids) did PP and a couple other things nearby so we could then hit HM right away at regular opening, followed by JC. Our FPP were for other things starting after 10. Some things, like PP, have standby queues that are interesting and would be missed with FPP, but unless you do it at ropedrop, the wait is long.