Rope Drop 7DMT without early access?

We are heading to MK on 5/21, crowd calendar shows 5. We will not be using early entry as we are staying off-property.

Is there any way this 17 minute wait time to head straight to Seven Dwarves Mine train is accurate? Responses from people on the App chat were nearly all saying no way and not to even try this. But why would the TP be optimizing this way if it isn’t accuarate?

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There’s absolutely ZERO way you will wait 17 minutes. You will wait an hour or more, easily. It’s stuff like this that makes me lose faith in touring plans.


I usually have the mantra “Trust the touring plan…trust the touring plan”, but I’m not so sure in this case. The only possible way I could see this being accurate is if you are at the front of the non-EE people at the entrance to Fantasy Land and if you were the first person in the queue. How fast of a sprinter are you?

Yeah…this one makes me nervous. I agree with @TwoBits that my general take is “trust Touring Plans” , but 17 minutes after official park opening…eesh…I don’t know.

The posted wait will probably be at least 45 minutes. The actual wait might be closer to 17.

Today is also a CL5 day at MK. Official opening was 8:00. There was a 24 minute wait submitted at 8:35, so that would be someone getting to the line at 8:11. Likely would be right around 20 minutes if getting there five minutes faster. So it’s possible…

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A 9am official open is WAY different than an 8am official open though. I also think that TP has done tests of being at the back of the EE rope drop and those folks are definitely waiting more than 17 minutes. The minute the park “opens” and the ILLs start flowing in then there’s no way anyone in the regular line is waiting 20 minutes.


That’s a good point. I assume TP takes that into account, but maybe everything is based on “minutes past opening”.

I’m just assuming at this point that it will struggle with park openings, given early-access and the fact that it doesn’t prompt you for time-of-entry and just posted vs actual ride times.

It might get uploaded by a user at 9:09 and say posted 60 / actual 20, but that person was in the EA line at 7:30. Needs more data points to really be more accurate at opening.