Rooms Close Together

My DW and I are planning a trip with a friend and will be staying at POR. We will have two separate rooms, and, ideally, we’d like them to be close together - if not next door to each other. When our friend booked the room, I believe she requested this.

Would it be advisable for me still to use the room finder to request a certain room or perhaps a certain part of the hotel? Would it be a good idea to include in a fax to them that we would like to be nearby our friend - with or without requesting a specific room? Or would it be better just to let the cards fall as they may?

I’ve always had luck with this. I don’t need adjoining, but I let them know I’m traveling with my mom who is elderly and it’s easier if we are at least in the same general area. Make sure you each reference the other’s reservation # so they know you are traveling together. The only other thing I asked for was ground floor rooms for her ECV use last time. We weren’t right next to each other, she was literally right around the corner & very close.

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Just to be careful. We had rooms “close” to each other. Technically they were - we shared a back wall - but to hand out - we had to walk all the way around the building. Not an issue for walking but we all had small kids so no one felt comfortable putting the kids down and hanging out next door as the “door” was so far away.

However WDW does a great job in trying to accommodate people as best they can

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I needed rooms close together and preferably adjoining last year. I did request a room using the TP fax system but I made it clear that the adjoining room was a higher priority than the requested area if I couldn’t have both. When we arrived they said, before I even asked, something like “We saw your room request but didn’t have adjoining rooms in that area and you indicated that was more important so we gave you adjoining rooms in another building”. I was impressed that they clearly had seen the request but responded to the higher priority. Based on our limited experience, I would say communicate both but make sure you make it clear which is more important. Adjoining rooms were SO NICE! It helped in a ton of ways.


We wouldn’t need adjoining either, so it sounds like we’re looking for something like you did. Thanks for the note on including both reservation numbers. I might not have thought of that.

You’d think the one making the room assignments would get the “spirit” of the request, but this is good to know. I am making a note to myself to be specific in my request.:slight_smile:

These are all such great tips! I’ll be sure to prioritize my requests in my fax too. Thanks.