Rooms at POP

We are staying at POP for ten days and I have been watching vlogs. I am worried that the double beds will not be big enough after watching some videos. We have 2 adults and 2 children. We were originally going to stay at CBR but they came out with the free quick service so we took advantage of it so we would have extra money for things that we would normally not do. Any input would be helpful. We are staying from Aug 8 -18.

We’ve stayed at pop and are staying again in Sept. The beds in all values are doubles, so smaller then a queen. We stayed with dd all different ages and were fine. DH and I both average sized are ok, but if you want more space You could also split up each adult with a kid. We use the closet area for luggage and bring a popup hamper for laundry.

I love the layout of pop and the food court. Unless you plan to spend a lot of time in the room you’ll be happy! Pop is by far nicer then the Allstars and lots less walking then mods!

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We always loved it at Pop, especially knowing that we had money left for other things - like food! My granddaughter has always loved it so much, that she believed it to be one of the deluxe resorts.

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Me and my husband fit just fine, but he loves to cuddle!
Honestly though, I never felt squished.:smile:

Thanks for the input. I was thinking about doing a split stay when I saw how much CBR was compared to POP. We got he free quick services so I don’t know how all that works. Looking into it.

If my math is correct, you’ll be there for 11 days, 10 nights?

I too have found POP to be just fine, but we’re only a family of 3 and DD was 7 the last time we stayed there.

I think it’s a great idea to consider a split stay given the number of days you’ll be there. You may get a bit tired of the same small room for that length of time.

It’s a fun resort, for sure. If you decide to stay for the duration, do some serious consideration to your room request. I’d recommend 1st floor (dozens of trips up and down the elevator or stairwells will get old fast). And close to the main building/buses.

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Just as a counter point we hated Pop primarily because of the beds. They are tiny when we are used to sleeping in a king size at home. Plus they are hard as a rock. In fact I think a rock would have been more comfortable. We ended up sleeping in separate beds which was super weird lol. After that trip we decided to stay mod or above only on future trips.

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We always stay at POP but the beds are small for 2 adults. I would do as another poster suggested and split up and sleep with the children. For several years we shared a room with our teenage daughters and we managed just fine. That being said, we now have our own room since they are married and we each get a bed and unless it is under dire straits would not put 4 adults in a room! We love the over the top icons and theming at POP and the dedicated bus system. One of our friends tried a moderate one year but went back to POP because of the layout of the mods. Most have an internal bus system to get you to the main buses. Someone correct me if I am wrong since we only stay at POP.


We stayed at Coronado last year and it has several stops around the resort. Sorry if I misunderstood what you were saying but I think that’s what you meant. We were actually at the very back of the resort facing a small lake but the bus stop was just steps outside of our room. I will say, it did get old stopping at 4 bus stops every night but it was nice not having to walk all the way to the back of the resort after a full day at the parks

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