Room View Request for Multiple Rooms

I have a question about doing the room view request for multiple rooms. For our upcoming trip this summer we have 4 separate rooms for our party. When we made the reservation on the phone we already made requests to have ground floor for someone in a scooter and that all 4 rooms be next to one another. Now if I put in a specific room view for my room do you think Disney will be able to honor the room view and put all 4 rooms in that spot? Or will it mess it up and just give me the one room with that view that is available and the move the other rooms? I don’t want to over complicate it but the room view would be great. Obviously they may not be able to fulfill the request but is it worth trying with the multiple rooms? The room view I’d be selecting is according to the room reservations we’ve made so I’d be helping out. The important thing is that we’re all together and ground floor so I just don’t want to lose that because of the view. Should I just put in the comments that I have 3 other rooms attached and they should see that inofrmation on the reservation? Should I also put multiple room numbers and views that way it’d be easier to find 4 together? I’d appreciate your help Len and anyone who has done this with multiple rooms. Thanks!

I apologize I put this in the wrong spot. It is for WDW so I recreated it in that category. Sorry all! This entire thread can be deleted