Room Size and Storing Luggage

Hi Everyone,
We just booked a 5 person room at Caribbean Beach Resort. It’s a preferred room, 2 queen beds and a child-size pull-down sleeper. It’s 3 adults and 2 children. We don’t all mind being in one room, we know it will be a little cramped, but I’m wondering about luggage storage. Someone mentioned they could put suitcases under the bed but in the photos, I don’t see how this is possible. Anyone have thoughts? We will probably have at least 8 suitcases between all of us.

I just stayed at CBR in November. We could not put our suitcases under the bed in our room. We took four and some of them fit inside one another when unpacked. We stood the two big ones in a corner in the room and didn’t think about them for a week. The other place you could put them is in the bathroom/closet area. In retrospect, we could and should have packed less, specifically clothing and beach towels, since the pool has perfectly acceptable towels. The piece of luggage that was most handy was my hanging toiletry bag, to keep the bathroom counter clear.

I was just there with three adults and two children in a standard room. It is not possible to store luggage under the queen beds as there is only about 4 inches of depth and height before reaching a metal barrier (ie. enough room so that you don’t stub your toes but also makes it impossible to store or lose anything under the bed). We had 5 suitcases and ended putting the two kids suitcases on the table, one suitcase on top of the dresser thing, one behind where the door opens and one in the bathroom sink area. We also just tend to live out of our suitcases while there rather than unpacking and using drawers. You could probably shove a couple of smaller suitcases under the pull down bed when it is open and could get another one or two in the bathroom sink area or behind where the door opens and if needed, could put one on top of the air conditioner unit and also use the table chairs.

Is there a closet in the room?

One more question- for the shuttle pick up going TO the parks, can you tell me which locations were picked up first? Or what order the stops were in?
We’re in a preferred room, close to lobby, but I heard that is often the last stop and it can fill up. So I’m thinking we walk to the stop that picks up first. We’ve walked around the resort and I know it’s large- we don’t mind the walk.

No closet. Pick up to the parks starts at Martinique and goes clockwise (Martinique, Old Port Royale, the next two—can’t remember if Trinidad or Barbados was first, then Jamaica and finally Aruba). We were in Aruba section last week and for morning transport to MK and AK we walked over to the Old Port Royale bus stop as we had a stroller and wanted to have seats for my parents and children and room for me to stand with the stroller. However, I want to say that when you are returning to CBR from the parks, the first drop off is Jamaica and then Aruba, etc,etc, clockwise


Walking to the Old Port Royale bus stop in the mornings worked well for us and we were still getting in a fairly empty bus. I don’t think it will be necessary for you to walk to the Martinique bus stop.

Luggage suggestion - consolidate and start filling one suitcase at a time with everyone’s dirty clothes. Once a suitcase is full, have bell services pick it up and store it for the rest of your trip. Gives you more space toward the end of the trip, at least!