Room Service

Hi all! Have a question about in room dining. We want to do the Twighlight Feast at the Polynesian on our second night of our stay. I was wondering if it’s possible to pre-schedule room service for a specific time in the future. For instance could I call the first night and set up delivery for 5pm the second night for instance? Or does it have to be one the same day?

Anyone have any experiences to share? Any thoughts on portion size of the feast are welcome as well, particularly if someone has ordered a child’s portion.


This thread might be helpful:

I’ve watched a couple of YouTube videos on it (DIS Unplugged has one, hollies clubhouse has one of the child’s portion). Most of what I’ve seen/heard indicates that a child’s portion is a good size and an adult’s might feed 2 people if you aren’t huge eaters.

Thanks! I have heard similar things about large portions for adults. Thinking a single child’s portion may be enough for one adult!

Anyone know anything about scheduling room service?