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Hello All-

Thank you all in advance for all of your assistance in planning our trip to Disney.

I have to prepare my TP Room Fax very soon, but was unsure how to mark my early check-in on the MDE site for our WDW hotel as well…the 2 options for room category are 1) corner room and 2) HighEST Floor (not HighER floor). The building I will be staying in at POR (Royal Room) is 3 stories and the room(s) I am looking to stay in are mostly on the 2nd floor, and very few on the 3rd floor, but we DO NOT want to stay on the 1st floor, if at all possible. Also looking to stay in a “corner” room if possible.

Question: Do I leave the MDE early check-in options blank and just rely on the TP Room fax explanation to not confuse Disney (because it says “Highest Floor” not “Higher Floor”) or do I choose “corner” room and Highest floor as options on the MDE and also explain the rooms I am looking to stay in in the TP Room Fax.

The reason I am confused is because last time we stayed one of the options for YC rooms on MDE check-in was not “HighEST” Floor but “HighER” Floor. With POR, it is reversed.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

It sounds like just leaving it blank on the online check-in is your best option with those particular wants.

I would also put them in a priority order in your fax. Like is a corner room the most important or a second floor room the most important?

As an example, my fax for my upcoming Pop stay is:
1 - Mickey Phone building in the 70s section
2 - Lake View
3 - Top floor

That way the assigner can first check availability in the building. Then look for available lake view rooms. Then see if any of those are on the top floor.

I did complete the request section of the online check in putting lake view first and highest floor second. But I’m not overly picky about where.

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I would leave the MDE room request blank. I just did this at POR at the beginning of the month. I left MDE blank and made very very specific requests in my fax. I stated what my top priority was (building 90) as well as exactly what we didnt want (in your case that would be 1st floor) I made sure my request was within my booking grade (i.e. pool view royal room) and finally i gave specific room numbers of where I wanted to be. I asked for any room between 9078-9082 and was happy to receive 9079.

Thank you!

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Thank you…we have a river view royal room so I will leave the MDE blank and set up my TP fax accordingly…when we stayed at YC 2 years ago we had some specific locations and we had to wait for our room but they gave us a room in the range of rooms provided so hopefully it will happen again…thanks again

As you may know, the Royal Court rooms are in Building 90 & 95. The majority of the rooms are situated on first and second floors. The third floor is only on the center section of the building like the crossbar of a “H” or the underpart of an “U”. I reserved a garden view, and requested a corner room on MDE and Highest floor. Then use TP fax service to request the exact room I wanted --#9247–and a range of rooms that were acceptable. When I got off our flight, I would out I got #9247.

That is great you received the room you wanted…I have my TP fax request ready…we shall see what happens…thanks for the info!