Room requests using Online Check-In

I wanted to do the online check-in today, but when I went to the room request section there wasn’t a space for me to explain what I wanted. It gives me choices to click on but they are generic like higher floor or near elevator. Do I have any other options to make my request?

I did the online check in and left the requests blank, and then called later and asked the person on the phone to add my request manually. I did get my request, so I know it worked the one time that I tried it. :slight_smile:

Yes, you have two additional things you can do:

Also, check out the Room Finder in your resort’s information page at - it can provide you with what to request to get a particular room.

I called to request a specific village at CBR. Here’s hoping that works!

Last trip, staying at POR, we faxed in our room request.

Using the room finder app Hotel Room Views I put in the request using the wording @Lentesta recommends in the app.

Pick a couple of options for the room assigner, in case you first choice is unavailable.

Fax 4-5 days prior to your stay. A re-fax 1-2 days out.

We got the room we wanted.

Good luck!!

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I’ve used the checkboxes while checking in online in the past and it hasn’t seemed to have made much of a difference in what building I’ve been assigned to in my stays at value resorts (I did get the building I wanted at CBR last spring, though). Last trip, I faxed several requests and got most of what I asked for. The All Ears link the @brklinck posted was a big help + I found some examples of how others worded their fax requests to figure out the text of my message.

I was hoping to request a particular building in POFQ myself. I’m a little confused, though, on when to submit my request for this. We made our reservations back in October, but, unfortunately, I didn’t have as much information then as I have now so I didn’t know enough to request a certain area. Our 60-day mark is coming up in a couple of weeks at which point I’ll do the online check-in. Should I go ahead and call WDW Reservations before my 60-day mark to make the request, wait until I’ve completed the online check-in, or fax my request 4-5 days prior to my stay? (Or should I do all three?)

I would just do it when you do online check-in @RobertSch6. They won’t do anything about it until 2-3 weeks before you arrive anyway.

Thanks, @SallyEppcot! I’ll plan on doing that. :grin:

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