Room Requests Since Las Vegas Tragedy

I was was just reading a story about the ‘do not disturb’ change at WDW. Has Touringplans seen any changes in the rate room requests being honored?

In this New York Times article (, it mentions that Hilton considers requesting specific rooms as something suspicious (though this was sourced from message board gossip, it makes sense).

I agree that safety and security are paramount and should supersede guests rights. What a shame that requesting a room would be considered suspicious! We all have requested rooms for simple comforts like view, floor, distance to the pool and elevator. As for the daily security checks…I do think that it is unfortunate that this will be the new norm. There have been many reasons why I have hung a do not disturb sign - taking a nap, not feeling well, sleeping late. Etc. I have even opted out of housekeeping by using a do not disturb sign for a number of days in a row. This was not for money, rather if I feel the room is too messy even for housekeeping to see or cause it is flu season and I don’t want anyone else in my room. The greater good is most important. We will all adjust!

I don’t think it’s made any difference at all. I think the ones that would be most suspicious would be theme park view, and I’m pretty sure that’s a bookable category anyway.

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