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Hi, Is it possible to use the room request option on Touring plans to request multiple rooms? I have three rooms booked and need them together. Thanks!

If each one is set up as its own trip, yes. You would do a separate room request for each one.

But a better option is this: First, call Disney and tell them you would like a “travel with” number to link the rooms. This will tell Disney that you are a group and your rooms should be near to one another.

Then, set up a TP room request for one of the reservations. Provide the Travel With number in the body of the request.

You will have, in effect, made a room request for all three rooms with just one request and because of the Travel With number Disney will put you near each other.


I currently have three separate, back to back reservations at the same resort. 2 for standard, 1 for pool view. What is the best way to try and combine them? For some reason the 3 separate reservations were available, but not a reservation for all the days in one booking. Just standard room reservations, not DVC. Hoping I won’t need to change rooms twice. I don’t care at all about the view.

I did it by going to the front desk when we arrived. Our first night was a preferred pool view (it was all I could get when I had to add an extra night), and the remaining 4 were just standard rooms, standard view. I asked if there was a way to combine them so we didn’t have to change rooms, and told them it was very ok to downgrade our first night to a standard room to match the others. They were very happy to do that. They even credited me the cost difference for that downgrade on the first night.

Since you have two different categories, they may need to keep you in those two different types of rooms - unless you give them permission to downgrade your pool view. Are you willing to do that? (I see you are.)

You could also try calling them, or chatting online, to arrange that before you travel.

Would absolutely downgrade the view. Would take most any room on the property if I can have it for the full stay. If I call, I’ll be talking to the call center? Can they do anything other than what’s available to me through the online system?

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I have no idea how well you would do with the call center, but it’s a place to start. If they can’t do it, you can always try at the front desk when you arrive. Good luck!

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