Room Requests (generally)

I love the resort maps with room views on the Disney side. It helps me pick a room location that works for me.

I have never been able to find anything similar on the UOR side of TP. I know we can’t fax room requests, but even having a map to see what building, or villa, or guest house, etc. is closest to what I need (pool, dining, transportation, bar-LOL) would be so helpful!

Any thoughts, Liners? Anyone else feeling map-deprived? :laughing:

I have to be honest. I only have made a room request once, on my first trip, when I stayed at RPR. I did not get the room location I requested (it was summer, so maybe just not available!), so I stopped even thinking about requests. And I feel so less pressed for time at Universal than Disney that I think I like just exploring the resort on my own and finding out where everything is. But, admittedly, maps would be nice if I wanted to get a good grasp of a resort beforehand.

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I’ve looked on Universal’s and Loew’s sites and can’t find any layouts. I suggest calling a week before your trip to ask for the specific requests you have not a room location. The room types are often grouped together, so one option might not be available. But if you ask for one or two requirements it’ll help (ex: “I’d like a room on the first floor closest to the water taxi”).

The Orlando Informer does have some helpful layout info on their site.