Room requests for two parties

We have two studios booked (renting points, two separate reservations) at Boardwalk for the week before Thanksgiving. I plan to enter a request during online check in to have the two rooms as close together as possible (one studio is for my family and the 2nd is for the grandparents) but wondering what the likelihood is of being close to each other/having our request granted? Is there another way to increase our chances of the two rooms being near each other?

Not sure if online check-in allows for a free-text entry for requests.

How have you rented points? If direct through Disney then just phone them. Otherwise ask the owners to note it on the reservation, each quoting the other reservation number and say something like “We are travelling with reservation no. 12345678, and would like rooms near if possible”. Make that your only request.

Be aware that room requests are less likely for DVC rooms than for non-DVC, as it operates at around 95% year round. Less room for manoeuvre.