Room Requests for Portofino

IIRC, you can email the hotel to request a room as much as 180 days in advance.
Any recommendations for Portofino?
It looks like the West wing is close to the parks and the boat dock.

Not sure about a request, never tried but we didn’t like being on the other side. East wing I guess? It wasn’t terrible but a shorter walk would have been appreciated!

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Yeah I think the garden-view room we have might mean we’re in the East Wing but I don’t know.
I really wish they had the detailed breakdown for Universal hotels that TP does for WDW resorts!

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I like that the confirmation email contains a phone number to the resort and not just a call center.

Couldn’t hurt to give em a call and see if they can at least give you a ball park location.

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I got an email back thanking me for the inquiry re staying in the West Wing.
They have forwarded it to Front Desk and will attempt to accommodate my request.


All right!

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How do you email the hotel? I have only ever called.

I used the Contact us links from Loews website to obtain the email address for Portofino.

Having said that, I’m pretty sure I got the idea that they take emailed room requests from the Unofficial Guide and that would probably contain an email address (I can’t check because DD27 has my Guide)