Room requests, an interesting experience

Several weeks ago, I called Room Reservations and made specific requests for my Beach Club stay coming up next week. I asked for (i) newly renovated room and (ii) upper floor. The phone CM seemed very knowledgeable and helpful and even read back to me what she wrote.

For some reason (too much time on my hands?) I called back today and asked the CM to tell me what my room requests said. He looked and looked (so he said) and said he so no room requests of any kind.

What gives? Did CM #1 never input them? Did they get erased? Did CM #2 not know where to look?

I decided to just stick with the requests through the phone CMs instead of using the Touring Plans system (@len suggested doing one or the other, not both). But now I wonder if I made a mistake and should have using the Touring Plans fax feature.

Have you done online checkin requests? I would do the fax.

I didn’t make online requests because there (understandably) is no option for Newly Refurbished Room. When I called today (before I posted my first post above) I made the same requests. Not sure what to do at this point.

I think that any time you can put a request in writing you will have a better chance of them not “missing” it. In the online fax you can add the specific request for newly refurbished room. There is a text box. I would also just do online checkin for aerrival time without requests.

The exact same scenario happened to me on my last trip. I left room requests while making the reservation on the phone with the CM. I called back a few days later to verify them and asked the CM to read back my room request and none were in the system. I think the quality of the CM’s you speak with on the phone vary greatly and suspect there are at least a few who are too lazy to actually type the request in.

I don’t do anything over the phone with them anymore unless I absolutely have to. I’d use the fax service here if it isn’t too late.