Room Request with multiple families

If I am going with other members of my extended families who have their own reservations, how do I use the Touring Plans Room Request feature to be sure I stay in the same vicinity as them?
We are all staying Nemo Suites at Art of Animation for the first part of the trip and then some of us will be moving to different resorts.
Can I request my room and then ask to have the other reservation numbers as close as possible?

You can edit the fax and add that you are traveling with… and your priority is to be together

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Thank you…but now I am rethinking how close I am going to want to be to my brother and sister for an entire week :wink:

A valid point.

In my experience, the least painful way to deal with coordinating a large group of people is to make plans for the people who are on your reservation, and then let everyone else know what your plans are and that they are welcome to follow your lead if they want to. This holds for TPs, ADRs, FPPs, and room requests.

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Lol- I checked into POR one trip and my sister had moved my room from my requested Magnolia Bend to a connecting room in Alligstor Bayou. I stayed at the checkin counter until they moved me back!


Our last trip we coordinated with another family and just made sure we made similar building requests & noted the others reservation in our FAX. We had a lagoon view & they were Garden view, but we managed to get across the hall from each other which was ideal.

On my FAX I just noted something like “Room close to Tim, Reservation # who is checking in on Wednesday” - they were arriving later in the week than we did. Worked great…