Room Request w/ DVC Rental

Hi there! I just want to double (and triple) check that it is possible to request a room through TP when you are renting DVC points. Has anyone does this? We are not DVC member, just rented through David’s.


I did it last year, and got the room I wanted. I’ve heard that isn’t always the case, but it worked for us at Bay Lake.

Thanks! I know that room requests in general can be a shot in the dark, but I didn’t know if it was possible to have TP make a room reservation or if we would have to go through the people we rented the points from.

I used it two years ago at AKL while renting points, it worked perfectly for us.

Awesome, thanks!

I’m doing the same for September trip (renting DVC points and requesting room) What’s the worst that could happen??? BUT our rental agency said the member could also request for us

Don’t do both is my advice. Or make sure they say the same thing.

Whatever you request either through the TP fax or online check-in will over-write what you ask the member to request. There is only one field and the latest one will prevail.

So choose to go through the owner or the TP fax. And leave the online check-in options blank.

But going through the owner is best.

Every so often, DVC ask us to make requests through Member Services, those will always be added to the actual reservation, so the room assigner will definitely see it. So will anything ticked on the online check-in.

The TP fax will go direct to the room assignment section. So whether or not it gets read is up to them. At a stand-alone DVC resort (Bay Lake, Kidani, OKW, SSR) the CM may not even read them. At the other resorts, the room assigner may cover both type of room, so is more likely to read the fax.


That is really good to know. We normally don’t do online check-in cause we like to go through the check-process (as weird as that may sound haha). I didn’t realize that requests would be looked at differently based on whether faxed or through Member Services.

I was considered going through TP just because it seemed easier but going through the owner might be safer. We have a Savannah View room at Kidani so anything we get will be fantastic but there are definitely locations we would prefer over others.

Thanks for your response and knowledge!