Room Request Tool

Is there a best way to use this?

We are staying at Pop in mid July in a Standard Pool View. If I put all my info in, I know some of it is incorrect since the room types are being upgraded (does 2 doubles equal the 1 queen and 1 queen murphy bed?), and some of the buildings will be closed as part of the refurbishment.

Will any of this be reflected in the tool at some point?

Right now, TP is recommending rooms in a building that will probably be closed when we are there. Is there a way to force the tool to recommend rooms in a specific building?

I have time before I have to send in a request, but I’m one of those planner types and am trying to figure this out ahead of time. :slight_smile:

Why don’t you get a room in the 80’s buildings they are new and have standard pool views.

That is what I would like to do, but TP is recommending specific rooms in building 3 in the 50’s section. Building 3 might be just opening around that time, but it just closed a few weeks ago so I can’t count on that.

I am thinking the best option is building 9, closest to Classic Hall…but the tool seems to be limiting and not accommodating for building closures.