Room Request Tool Help

Having some challenges with the Room Request Tool (Boardwalk). When I make the selection for Standard Room - King Bed (or 2 queens), and I click TP Picks, then click the layout, it shows me all rooms…nothing specific in terms of choices or narrowing of selections. Pretty much everything from Club Level Water View; all bed selections; and no specific TP picks. Oh village of experience, I seek your sage guidance so this lowly servant can make the best choices possible. I have three rooms in my tribe…oh thank ye villagers

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You should see rooms highlighted that match the search. However, I don’t usually add more parameters (like TP PICKS) because I’m not sure there’s enough data for that yet.


Yes don’t select TP picks and you should see a range of rooms.

This is for 2 queens (the one on the end is a king) -

worked perfectly…thanks! Now just realized I have to load three fax requests and not sure TP can handle that…


There no need. See my post on the thread where you asked about it.