Room Request Timing

I didn’t realize that I needed to do my Room Request 30 days in advance. We are 14 days out from our trip and I just completed the Room Request today. Will it still go through? (Why did I think these were sent a week in advance instead of a month in advance? Did something change or am I crazy?)

If it’s within 30 days it will be sent right away. Go ahead and set it up.

It used to go out 5 days ahead. It changed within the last few months. You’re not crazy


I did get an email before my last two trips at about day 32 reminding me to set up the request . I don’t know if it is a settings issue?


I think you do have to opt in for emails

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Thank you both! I did get the email, but I didn’t think I needed to act on it right away. Since this post, I did get a message on my Dashboard that the request was sent right away. Thanks again!