Room request questions

I like the idea of the TP room request feature and it seems to be getting good reviews.

I have a Beach Club reservation from 4/29-5/3. From what I can tell there will likely be two floors of the BC that will have been refurb’d in the past few months and two floors that will not yet have been refurb’d.

I’d like to get a newly refurb’d room. So, when I made the reservation I made that my number one request: “newly renovated room”.

Since the TP room views became available, I’ve loved that feature.

Here’s the advice I’m looking for: by far, my first request is to have a newly refurb’d room. Should I not add any secondary room requests? My concern is that if I ask for a room with a particular view (as written using the TP recommended syntax) they might end up being conflicting requests.

In a related question, if I make a request when I make the reservation, why also use the TP room request fax feature?

I can only address second part of question, @Len has stated that if you put a request in thru TP you still do online registration but do not put in any requests there so as not to confuse Disney. Hope someone can help with the other part of question

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yep. what @jec4289 said. It’s one or the other. Don’t use both.

but it looks like @Len thought of everything. You can add other requests on the form. There is a comment box on the form.

Yikes! So when I just did online check in (a few days ago) I should not have put ground floor nor Aruba? (can I undo, fix?) TIA.

It’s true that one should not make requests through online check-in and fax. I’m told it opens up the possibility for confusion among the staff (unless you’re requesting exactly the same thing, in which case it’s redundant).

You can always say that your room fax overrides any previous request. That would work.

I guess I will be redundant. I tried to change my online check in and it would not let me take off the 2 requests. Sorry. (I will add that the room fax overrides etc.)

all these comments are helpful. thanks!