Room Request Question

So, I’m five days out today, and I’d like to fax my room request, and thanks to the hard work of the staff, I have some great options. My questions:

  1. I would be happy with any number of a hundred different rooms, so how should I make my request? Just select one or two certain rooms, and hope for the best?
  2. My bother and his family will be joining us four days in - I’d like to request their room be near ours. How should I do that?
  3. we’ll be at POR - and I’m sure they’d appreciate a room with a murphy bed - any tips on getting that, other than to request a specific room?
    TIA - you guys are awesome!!

In general, you are always better off listing criteria for the type of room you want rather than specific room numbers - for example a room on a high floor close to the elevators. If you just give room numbers and they aren’t available then the room assigner doesn’t have much to go on. For the best of both worlds, list your criteria in order of importance and give a few sample room numbers.

Re getting your brother’s room close to yours, make that part of his request, and refer to your room reservation number.