Room Request -Pop Century

Any suggestions on which rooms/buildings I should request?

I know all of them have been redone… we will be in a preferred room and are looking for somewhere close to lobby, bus, and pool with minimal noise.

I heard 60’s and 70’s away from the pool on a high floor?

I am a newbie at this so I apologize in advance if my questions are silly, but is the best way to request a room via fax? Is that better than calling in?

Any help is much appreciated.

I believe preferred rooms are all in the 60’s area. I would recommend reading the TP overview of Pop and then use the room finder to pick room and set up an automatic fax request.

This blog is helpful in understanding room requests

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We loved 50’s lake view. It was quiet and not too far a walk. Plus if you have an early evening, you can watch the fireworks from the nearby park

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I also loved my room in the 50s building. I was there at a very busy time - Marathon Weekend - and it felt like I was the only guest over there (I know I was not). This was important as being a runner I was keeping some odd hours with sleep needs. I would happily stay there again.

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Use the room request tool on the Touring Plans website. It shows you a map and a view from all the areas. We requested (and got) a room in the 70’s building and it was great. Our view was a giant yo-yo and the walk to the buses was minimal.

Also major shout out to the refurb - I LOVED the rooms. They make amazing use of a smallish space with shelves, cubbies, drawers, tons of outlets, etc. Having the bed on a platform also means you can shove your suitcases under there. If there are only two of you, you can use the table rather than the Murphy bed. We had 3 so the bed was down the whole time, but there was still plenty of room for all our stuff!! Enjoy!