Room request not there

Hi, according to my dashboard on TP-my room request was sent in on 4-29. When I go to check-in, it says that there is no room request listed. I have never used TP to send in a room request, am I missing something?

Welcome to the community! Yes, that is a little confusing, isn’t it?

That’s appearing how it should, though.

There are different paths to getting requests put on your reservation, and the online check-in is just one path to that.

Via TP is a separate path to the same place, but as end users, we don’t see that end place.


It won’t show up on MDE as a request. As long as your dashboard says it’s been sent, you’re all set.


Oh, and don’t add anything in MDE or it could override what you submitted via TP.

The TP path isn’t a guaranteed way to get your request, but it has a good track record.

We got the EXACT room we requested as our top pick in January 2020, so it definitely can help.


So, should I still do early check in through MDE?

It’s fine to do online check in, just don’t make any room requests there.