Room request for Yacht Club

I wondered if any Liners had a room that they would recommend for the Yacht Club. I tried using the room finder and Unofficial Guide, but it looked to me like the only Touring Plan picks were at club level, and we booked a garden view room. Does anyone here have personal experience of an area of the resort that they can recommend, or warn me away from?

Hmm - I’m not sure what your issue is here. I can go to the Room Finder for YC, select Garden/King Bed or Garden/Queen Beds, click on ‘Show Matching Rooms’, and then click on the highlighted YC building on the map. It takes me to a floor-level map which has plenty of rooms to select from. Click on a specific room and it will give you a sample room view, room details, and the text to give WDW to request that (or a similar) room.

I understand how Room Finder works, thanks, and I did try to search for a room that way, and the only rooms that I clicked on did not show a view from that actual room, but one on a different floor from a different section that was the closest that they had. I was hoping for a reply from someone who might have actually stayed there and had an opinion or recommendation.
Edited to add: Sorry to sound so snarky, bad morning. Thanks for taking the time to reply.

No worries about the snark - we all have those mornings.

Also, usually the Room finder gives a pretty good approximation of the room view if it does not have an actual picture. If you find that it is showing an invalid room either let @len know or e-mail - I found that certain sections of WL were showing the totally wrong side of the building (Woods view instead of Courtyard view), and they were able to fix it quite quickly.

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