Room Request for AKV Savannah View Studio - Kidani

My family will be staying at AKV - Kidani in a Savannah View Studio from May 21 - 23, 2019 via DVC rental points. This was a late addition add-on to our main stay at BRV May 23-28, 2019. Since we booked these dates later on, we got “stuck” with a Savannah View studio (no standard views were available).

We are looking for advice for our room request that enables us to get a room overlooking the savanna. Any advice on how to phrase this for DVC member services? I have found plenty of really good room views via the TP Room Finder, but I want to make the request as general as possible. I want to avoid rooms like 7629 which overlook parking spaces and have no Savannah in sight (why is this categorized as a Savannah view? It is totally fine for Standard view, but I would be seriously disappointed if I paid for Savannah view and got this view).[[rate_date]=02/23/2019&filters[view]=326&filters[lobby_distance]=any&filters[transportation_distance]=any&filters[accessibility]=any&filters[floors]=any&filters[rack_rate]=any&filters[ug]=&filters[sound]=any&filters[balcony]=&date=2019-02-23&rooms=true&trip_id=530123](http://Room 7629 View )

I’m positive that’s a Standard view room, in which case it’s categorized incorrectly on TP - are you sure you filtered on just Savanna view? Some of the Savanna rooms were reclassified as Standard in 2015 following complaints that the views weren’t up to scratch, so as far as I’m aware there are no Savanna rooms overlooking the service roads anymore. AKV is one of our home resorts, and we’ve stayed there quite a few times. We always request the Sunset Savanna, which is the one Sanaa overlooks, and close to lobby since the hallways are long. Hope you have a great trip! :slight_smile:


Thank you so much!

TP must have some standard views categorized incorrectly. 7629 and 7631are labeled as Savannah View (I double checked).