Room request ? For AKV Jambo Value

Hi there-I went to do a room request for our upcoming stay at at 2 bedroom AKV Jambo Value. I know that they don’t accept specific room requests for these rooms but that you can request something general (my plan was even numbered, as I’ve heard those are likely to have a savannah view of some sort). I can’t figure out how to do this with the TP room request, which wants us to pick specific rooms. Any ideas?

Go into your dashboard
Make sure you have configured your trip complete with resort name, reservation number, and lead guest name
Click “configure room request”
When that opens it will ask for a room number in the first line of the fax:
“For our upcoming stay, I would like to request…” in that box you can freetext, so you don’t have to actually put in a room number. You can say “an even-numbered 2BR AKV Value room at Jambo House”

Then in the bigger box, you can put in more detail.

Is that helpful?

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Thank you foe the thorough explanation! When I go to my dashboard it doesn’t give the configure room request option-just wants me to select a room. I was clicking looking at rooms and now it shows one of those as my request.

You know, after I replied I wondered if it starts off by asking you to pick a room. But you could pick any old room and then remove the room number from that first free text field.

Go back to your home page and you should have “configure room request” or “edit fax” or something to that effect. Then edit as in my first reply.

If you’re still stuck let me know and I can do some screen shots for you.


It worked! Thanks so much!

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Glad to have been helpful!