Room Request for 2 Rooms

Hi! I have 2 room reserved for our November 2017 trip. I’ve had great luck with requesting specific rooms through Touring Plans in the past, but how do I put requests in for both rooms?

Is this for 2 separate reservations?


I am planning our family trip for 14 people and four rooms. I just created three additional trips for the same dates and named the other plans for the family in that room. Then I created a Room Request Fax for each trip and in the comments put the other three Disney confirmation numbers and that we wanted rooms near each other. Hopefully this will work :slight_smile:

You only need one fax. You have to put both reservation numbers in the fax and let them know you are traveling together. I recently did this and it worked perfectly. I got 2 rooms in the block I requested. They were also connecting like I requested.


This is exactly what I am planning to do. We have 2 rooms as well.

Hi all. This is a dated string, but would love to know how these methods worked out for everyone. Is it more advantageous to send room requests through TP per reservation or all/both reservations in one room request? I am managing a group of 3 rooms and would like 2 of them to be connecting rooms with the 3rd room nearby. Thanks.

I have always put mine in the same room request and it has worked out pretty well. The first time I got the same exact 2 rooms I wanted. I have always gotten the 2 rooms to be next door to each other so I think if you request 2 of the rooms be connecting with the 3rd nearby I think it would work out well for you. I think if you submit more than 1 request it could get confusing for whoever is doing the room assignments.

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