Room Request: Fax vs. WDW reservation website

We are long-time TouringPlans users but just used the fax service for the first time on our upcoming stay at All-Star Movies. Has anyone had success with it? I’m asking because on the WDW reservation page, you can also submit a more general request (Toy Story building, Landscape View, etc). Should I submit this too or will that override the specific request on the Fax?

Any help or experience would be appreciated.

I believe that @len’s advice is to NOT fill out any room request information on the WDW website if you are using the fax service as it may cause confusion as to which request to go by.

There’s a huge giant thread with lots of success stories. I’d guess on the order of 75-80% of people reporting success. Mine worked well when I used it (room 1 or 2 doors down from what we requested).

I think it’s fine, but unneeded, to use the reservation page to reinforce your FAX, but whatever you do make sure you don’t contradict it.

Thanks for the quick answers. I will be safe and leave it alone. We do have two rooms on two different reservations (but I reference that on the fax and put in their confirm# too).

Requested 11th floor at CR tower, got 10th. I’ll take it! Thanks TP!

Just wanted y’all to know that the fax worked like a charm. We were 3 doors down from the room we requested. TP recommendation was spot-on: quiet side of building but… close to bus, close to lobby/food court, close to pool, close to parking lot. Every one should use this service!!!