Room Request Fax through TP

So I filled out the room request fax on the TP Dashboard. Does this really help? We are traveling with other family members and are looking to get rooms near each other at AoA LM. I also requested the rooms to be in the southern wing of Building 7 or 9. My travel agent said she made the request through Disney but I don’t see it anywhere. Anything else I’m missing?

If I understand correctly, that means you have 2 concurrent requests. Hopefully, they both say the same thing. My travel agent also made a request for us and so I refrained from using the one here on TP after someone told me not to do it. I think it’s normal that you can’t see your TA’s one anywhere; it is the same for me.

DO they help? Sure. Are they guaranteed? Nope. Obviously, the more general your request, the easier to fulfill. Rooms near each other in the southern wing of building 7 or 9 is easier to fulfill than a specific room number.

So, YMMV, but I have had some luck getting an exact room I have requested, also luck getting a type of room requested. There are others who have had rooms assigned that were a clear miss.

Lots of factors go into your room assignment. But, if you don’t get what you want, you can always inquire at the front desk about getting some changes made.


They definitely work. On my last trip, as soon as I checked in they said “we received your request and were able to fulfill it”. I got the exact room I requested through the TP fax. I know this isn’t always the case but I feel they do the best they can to fulfill the requests.