Room Request Fax needing connecting rooms

Trip is in 74 days so I have time to edit if needed. I selected one room on the ground floor at POP that was a preferred room. I made sure that it had a connecting room. I edited the fax to mention both room numbers and specified that I needed connecting 1st floor preferred rooms.

As we have never used this service before, I am just a little nervous. Travelling with 3 kids (one is 4), my wife and 2 grandparents, including my mom who doesn’t get around that well. Ground floor and connecting rooms are almost essential. Have I done this right? What is the likelihood of success in getting ground floor connecting rooms?

Thanks in advance!

As long as you used the “connecting” and “ground floor” language, that should be good. You can also call Disney reservations, and have them add that language to your reservation. It never hurts to cover all of your bases. Also, when you check in at the front desk, restate your requests.

How did you verify that the room you selected had a connecting room? We are 75 days out, also staying at POP, and also needing connecting rooms (2 adults, 5 kids), but I didn’t see anywhere specify which rooms connect and which don’t?

The odds of getting a connecting room are increased but not guaranteed when children out number the adults.

I went to the room request tool and it suggestions, I clicked on each room. In the description, one of the categories is “Connecting Room” It would either say the room number or “none.” I then clicked on the connecting room to make sure that it was also a 2 double bed room.

70 days!