Room request fax for multiple reservations?

I am the organizer for our family trip in Jan '18. We have 2 separate reservation numbers but are only going to have 2 rooms. Do I need to, or CAN I make my room requests on here for separate reservations or should I just make a note when I make the requests?
We’re staying at Port Orleans Riverside and I have specific rooms in mind but if we can’t get them, we REALLY want them to be connecting rooms.


I would put both reservation numbers in the request and make it clear what you want.

Prefer Room X/Y/Z, but if unavailable we would like a connecting room with reservation #12345. I guess I’d make 2 requests and have the 2nd mirror the first so you get what you want.

Our last trip, we had friends joining us mid-week and we both noted the other’s reservation in our FAX and we got rooms caddy corner from each other across the hall which was great. The rooms were different levels as well which forced the across the hall, but it worked like a charm.

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