Room Request Boardwalk Inn -- Suggestions

Boardwalk Inn Proximity to HS. Where is the best location.

I think it’s whatever is closest to the lobby. Then cut through by the scary clown pool to get over to the walkway DHS. Not going around by Jellyrolls will save a lot of walking.


Felt like a bit of a maze. we decided to walk to HS on our first morning there. couldnt find the supposed short cuts since we weren’t familiar with the resort, so just walked out to the Boardwalk and took a left, LOL

If you don’t mind walking through the grass, exit out the main doors, walk up the villas side toward the parking lot, hang a right toward the tennis courts, pass the tennis court entrance and onto the sidewalk to DHS. It’s a little more direct than going through the pool, especially if you’re staying on the inn side. From the villas I’d go through the pool.

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