Room Request @ AK Kidani Village

So this will be my first time staying at the Kidani Village studio savanna view! What is your preference on the best rooms? I also have 2 other parties with me, so there are two other rooms besides mine and we are requesting to be close but aren’t sure which the floor or building??? I’m thinking a little closer to the lobby so there isn’t a much of a walk but I’m open for any ideas!!! Thank you!

If you want to be fairly close to the lobby but also plan to use the pool, then the Rafiki section is a good bet.

It’s the second block away from the lobby, and the elevator there down to the parking comes out right opposite the back gate to the pool, near to the pool bar and the outlook onto the small savannah with the red river hogs. :heart: The gate to the pool is magic band operated. We loved this location.

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Hello thank you for your input! I’m not familiar with that section??? What building is that?? It sounds marvelous!!!

I agree that if you want to be close to the pool access Rafiki is what you should choose. Sometimes I choose that, or I choose closer to bus transport. on my last visit I asked for and got 7416, which is a one bedroom villa but close to that for studios would be great for animal views, quiet, yet not far from the lobby and transportation.

For the Rafiki side, look at 7628, 7728, 7828 for a studio

Kidani is all one building. So is Jambo.

They both have long hallways though!